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  • #LightSkinnedGirls I felt being included in Light Skinned Girls was appropriate because colorism affects ALL women of color. I don't consider myself light skinned, but I am in an industry that has tried to lighten my skin and eyes in publications and promotional materials because they thought it would make me more attractive. I hoped to convey that separating sisters of color from one another is not just divisive, but more importantly, it weakens us when we should be natural allies, working together to achieve more for ourselves, our families and our communities. People who are mad because they think I think I'm light skinned only prove how endemic these tired boundaries truly are. My baby sister's lighter than a brown paper bag, so is my grandmother. My mom is dark skinned and I'm somewhere in between. All of these women are me, and I am them.

    BLACK WOMEN on Twitter have erupted with disbelief over the appearance of Fresh Prince star Tatyana Ali in a documentary exploring what it’s like to be a light-skinned person.

  • More and more I find that I really just want to work on meaningful projects with people I like and admire. Im not sure I care what part I play. I just want to add my energy to things that matter. I want to share this incredible song and music video I had the great chance to work on. You can find them at Shout out to @michaelturchart They're going to play live at The Bootleg in LA tomorrow night: Wednesday, January 21 at 7:45pm +12133893856


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