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"Hello" is on Itunes!!! So is my first single "Wait for It"!

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  • Watch the @MBIB #ImagineAFuture documentary at and then join the movement at #MBIB

    My Black is Beautiful is a community of black women who celebrate everything that makes them beautiful, from the inside out! Join the conversation at www.fac...

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    Black men are missing. So are black women.

  • Jack Knight is living that #artlife. I love working with him. I can't wait for you guys to hear what we've been working on. Check out American Heart. Feat Matisyahu @mrjackknight @matisyahu @Jackknightfans

    “American Heart” the first single from Jack Knight’s upcoming EP. Created by: Jack Knight Produced by: Boris Muzychuk Exec. Producer: Erick Abreu Directed by...

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Brand New EP