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  • From @juxtopozmag I'm taping this onto my wall. Discovery requires patience.

  • It's been awhile since I've posted anything. Had to feel inspired you know? Positivity inspires me. Kindness inspires me. Acts of love and courage inspire me. Hence this post. Tonight I'm hosting the I Am Dancing Man Dance at Avalon. The guest of honor is Sean Obrien @dancingmanfound Its about the be church up in here!

  • This brought tears to my eyes when I first found out about it. Kindness can spread like wildfire. This is what's up! #dancingman @hopeleigh @dancefreemovement

    #FindDancingMan captured the viral heart of the internet in March, and now, it's channeling that attention into a good cause. Dancing Man has inspired the Dance Free Movement, a body positive, anti-cyberbullying website and an original song, comp...

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